{Stus-List} Lee Youngblood

Alan Bergen alan-at-home at comcast.net
Fri Jun 12 00:11:34 EDT 2009

Long time contributor and C&C owner, Lee Youngblood has just started working as a broker with SAS Yachts of Seattle. As anyone who works in sales knows, it is not an easy task to build up a list of potental clients. Lee would not use this list to further his career, but I would like to take this opportunity, on his behalf, to ask that if anyone of you knows someone who is looking to buy or sell a boat (power or sail - even non C&C's) , please refer them to Lee. Lee is a man of integrity, and a super nice guy. 

Alan Bergen 
35 Mk III Thirsty 
Rose City YC 
Portland, OR 
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