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Oops.  You're right.  Senior moment.

That's assuming most roundings leave mark to port.


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Why do you say the primary genoa and spin halyards should be to port? 
The prim genoa is on starboard on Take Five – that is how she was rigged when I bought her (main is also on port) – spinnaker r is to starboard.
The boat I race on has main and spin to port and genoa to starboard.
I’m not arguing just asking J
Conrad Falkson
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Even sisterboats may be rigged differently.  A little more info would be helpful.  How many halyards, mast exits per side, mast base turning blocks per side, deck organizers, rope clutches, etc?  Describe what's there now.
Generally, your primary genoa and spinnaker halyards should exit on the port side of the mast.  Your main halyard is OK on the starboard side.
Enquiring minds want to know more.
Dennis C.
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I am the new owner of a 79 C & C and the mast was down when purchased and I am a little confused about roughting to lines back to the cabin if someone could send photos or give advice I would be greatfull

Anthony P DiMattia

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