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The four forward are probably:

The two cable would be jib halyards.  These will probably exit the top  
of the mast through sheaves internal to the mast at the center of the  
mast head.  These may exit the mast on opposite sides or the same  
side. Not sure what kind of deck organizers you have or if they were  
ever led aft.  Since you have four winches at the base of the mast,  
they might not have ever been led aft -- which is okay for cruising  
with adequate crew.  If the boat was previously raced or shorthanded,  
the previous owner may have run the lines back to the cockpit.   
Without knowing what kind of deck hardware you have or what your  
intentions are for using the boat, it would be hard to suggest anything.

The two rope would be spin halyards.  These will exit the mast head  
outboard of the the two jib halyards and exit the bottom of the mast  
at the the coach top -- usually on opposite sides.  Again what to do  
with them depends on what you want to do with the boat and the  
existing hardware.

The one cable midway down the mast is probably your topping lift for  
the spinnaker pole.  This line will go through a sheave where it  
enters the mast and exit at the coach roof.  This line is usually led  
aft to a winch and sheet stopper on the coach roof so it can be  
adjusted during jibes.

The next cable down sounds like it would be the baby stay.  The baby  
stay stabilizes the mast going upwind and ads prebend to the mast to  
help shape your main (flatten for upwind performance) and is attached  
to the mast.  The other end is usually attached to the deck forward of  
the mast -- sometimes to a vang on a car or hydraulic cylinder or  
chainplate or pad eye.  If using a spinnaker, you need to be able to  
detach it at the deck and move it aft so you can jibe the spinnaker.    
If this line is attached to a vang, the tail is usually led aft so it  
can be adjusted from the cockpit.

On the aft side of the mast:

The cable is typically for the main.  If it goes through a sheave at  
the mast head -- it's definitely for the main.  Many people replace  
the cable halyards with rope so whichever one goes through the sheave  
is the main.  The topping lift to hold the boom up will be attached to  
the top of the mast and usually runs through a block and cleat on the  

I hope I helped answer your question and am not stating the obvious to  
you.  Like Dennis said, even many sister ships are rigged  
differently.  Depending on how the previous owner used the boat, it  
could be set up to run everything aft or minimal lines aft.  Also, if  
you would state your model/size C&C, you would probably get lots of  
help from listers who have the same model.

Ed Newman
Sovereign C&C 39

On Jun 11, 2009, at 9:58 PM, <tdimattia at acesdirect.com> <tdimattia at acesdirect.com 
 > wrote:

> ok lets start with the halyards
> forwar
>     4 to the top of the mast
>           two cable two rope,
>     1 cable about midway the mast  for storm jib ,
>     1 more cable between mast and storm jib I guess to rake the main
>   also maybe one more holding the roller furling maybe
> ok now aft
>      2 to the top of the mast
>            one cable (main I think)
>            one rope (I think holds boom up)
> now with the winches and cleats
>     14 total
>           4 around mast and 1 middle of the back two  aft
>           4 on the companion way ( two on each side)
>           4 for the sheets two double speed and two triple
> thanks for any incite given
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> Anthony,
> Even sisterboats may be rigged differently.  A little more info  
> would be helpful.  How many halyards, mast exits per side, mast base  
> turning blocks per side, deck organizers, rope clutches, etc?   
> Describe what's there now.
> Generally, your primary genoa and spinnaker halyards should exit on  
> the port side of the mast.  Your main halyard is OK on the starboard  
> side.
> Enquiring minds want to know more.
> Dennis C.
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> Subject: {Stus-List} 36 C & C lines
> I am the new owner of a 79 C & C and the mast was down when  
> purchased and I am a little confused about roughting to lines back  
> to the cabin if someone could send photos or give advice I would be  
> greatfull
> Thanks
> Anthony P DiMattia
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