{Stus-List} PC Based instrument Display

cenelson at aol.com cenelson at aol.com
Fri Jun 12 10:08:45 EDT 2009

I am looking to replace my ~ 3 yr old Navman instruments which have had display problems almost from day 1.

Since all the sensors?appear to be working, all I need is a reliable display and a method to convert the raw input
from the sensors to the appropriate?units.?

Given the costs of anything with marine in the product, I thought I might be able to use a suitably programmed
Net Book or other small computer as a combination sensor 'reader' and display, perhaps with the display?
changing periodically to display depth, then windspeed, then compass heading, etc.

Are there reasonably easy solutions out there that will keep the cost to a few hundred instead of a few thousand dollars or is
this just wishful thinking?

Charlie Nelson
S/V Water Phantom
C&C 36 XL/kcb

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