{Stus-List} Bergen Broker Recommendation

Lee Youngblood leeyoungblood at earthlink.net
Fri Jun 12 12:23:36 EDT 2009

Hi Alan,

Wow, that was so gracious!  I am almost sure you are confusing me 
with someone else. . .
I can tell, you are not the same guy I sailed with on the Oregon 
Offshore and Swiftsure Races.
Have a great time down in the South Sound, and I will look forward to 
seeing you at the Bremerton C&C Rendezvous.  I won't be racing "our 
house" as Kathleen reminds me, so I expect you to win the regatta!

Thank you, Lee

>Long time contributor and C&C owner, Lee Youngblood has just started 
>working as a broker with SAS Yachts of Seattle.  As anyone who works 
>in sales knows, it is not an easy task to build up a list of 
>potental clients.  Lee would not use this list to further his 
>career, but I would like to take this opportunity, on his behalf, to 
>ask that if anyone of you knows someone who is looking to buy or 
>sell a boat (power or sail - even non C&C's), please refer them to 
>Lee.  Lee is a man of integrity, and a super nice guy.
>Alan Bergen
>35 Mk III Thirsty
>Rose City YC
>Portland, OR
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