{Stus-List} Throttle cable

David Knecht ATT david.knecht at uconn.edu
Sat Jun 13 14:56:57 EDT 2009

I think I have an issue with my engine throttle that I need help  
with.  The maximum I can get out of my engine (Yanmar 3Gm) with the  
throttle all the way advanced is around 2600rpm.  From reading these  
discussions, I have realized that I should be able to get at least to  
3000?  I played with it today and could manually move the throttle on  
the engine to higher speeds, so I  presume this is a throttle cable  
issue.  I tried to figure out how to shorten the cable at the engine  
end to increase the position at max, but had trouble figuring out how  
to adjust the connection and whether this is the proper way to solve  
the problem.  There is a spring loaded connector attached to the  
threaded end of the cable.  I think I need to loosen the nut and then  
thread it on further, but it was really hard to do, so I want to make  
sure this is right before proceeding.  Dave

xMasquerade (soon to be Callou! Callay!) - 1982 C&C 34
New London, CT

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