{Stus-List} Yanmar YSB12 Air Induction Tube

Steve Thomas sthoma20 at sympatico.ca
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 The air intake tube is made of cast iron, about 2 inches in diameter, and
curved into a vertical semi circle that ends up facing squarely aft. There
is no air filter and no provision for one. It always looked kind of odd to
me, that the air flow would be turned 180 degrees like that with no
obviously compelling  reason. I figured that it might be "tuned" for
performance within a particular rpm range. Maybe it is just to aim the noise
toward the stern.

 The image in the link you provided is of a related but different engine.
The engine in the image has a vertical cylinder, while in the "YS" series of
engines, the cylinder is horizontal.


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As a general rule, the length of the induction tube (or whatever you may
call it) is usually not a critical dimension.  I am assuming you're
referring to the air intake tract, which leads to the air filter and
then the intake manifold.  I think I found a picture here:

The intakes are usually tuned for optimum performance and minimum
noise.  Changing the length may alter one or both of these, but usually
not by much.  What material is the induction tube made from?  Sheet
steel, fiberglass, or something else?


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Steve Thomas wrote:
>  I would like to replace the sink in my 1978 C&C 27 with one that is
> deeper, but the semi-circular air induction tube on the engine is in
> the way. Does anyone know if this tube is has a critical length, or
> have you seen one of these style of engines in use with any other sort
> of air induction tube?
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