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michael cotton mpc51335 at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 14 22:29:22 EDT 2009

 I see you are in RI. I have used TRI POWER hydraulics in Warwick for my navtec adjuster. Very reasonable & lasts for  years.
Michael Cotton    
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I had my Navtec backstay adjuster rebuilt two seasons ago.  $600...but I figured I am good for 10 years.  I am preparing for the Marion-Bermuda race and in my mind I the last thing I need to worry about is the adjuster.

The boat goes in the water and lo and behold the damn thing is losing pressure.  I bring it back to the same guy (Navtec dealer) assuming some consideration and boom...$430 for new seals etc!!

He saids these things go...blah-blah-blah.  Am I crazy for expecting more than two seasons from a re-build?


David F. Risch
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> Steve,
> As a general rule, the length of the induction tube (or whatever you may 
> call it) is usually not a critical dimension. I am assuming you're 
> referring to the air intake tract, which leads to the air filter and 
> then the intake manifold. I think I found a picture here: 
> http://www.ekstrom.fi/site/img/82.jpg
> The intakes are usually tuned for optimum performance and minimum 
> noise. Changing the length may alter one or both of these, but usually 
> not by much. What material is the induction tube made from? Sheet 
> steel, fiberglass, or something else?
> Jake
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> Hampton VA
> Steve Thomas wrote:
> > I would like to replace the sink in my 1978 C&C 27 with one that is 
> > deeper, but the semi-circular air induction tube on the engine is in 
> > the way. Does anyone know if this tube is has a critical length, or 
> > have you seen one of these style of engines in use with any other sort 
> > of air induction tube?
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