{Stus-List} Buying a boat out of state and bringing to Maryland

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When I brought my RV into Maryland, if I registered it within 30 days, I was 
given credit for the sales tax that had been already paid in California and 
didn't have to pay Maryland anything. Buying a car in Delaware (no tax 
state) meant I got to pay the excise tax for Maryland. Yes, they will give 
you credit when already paid. I think the earlier advice on trying to do the 
transfer in Maryland will be your best bet.

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> My experience is that MD will come after you one way or another.
> A friend bought a boat in New Orleans, lived aboard there for a year,
> then moved to MD.  He was military, but the "exempt from paying" law was
> overturned...
> So the tax man came looking for their 5%.  My recollection is that MD
> didn't care that you paid to some other state.
> MD gets you both ways:
> --If you buy it in MD, it's 5% "sales tax"
> --If you bring it from somewhere else, it's 5% "usage tax"  regardless
> if it is a CG Documented vessel or not.
> If I were you, I would try to stiff the State of Ill.
> -Keith
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> Subject: {Stus-List} Buying a boat out of state and bringing to Maryland
> Hello Everyone,
> Anyone have any personal experiences in the US (Not Canada)  with
> purchasing an out of state boat from a broker and bringing it another
> state, specifically Maryland?
> The broker in Illinois indicates he may need to charge me sales tax if
> the title is transferred there.  The sales tax rate is 6.5%.  In
> Maryland the excise tax is 5%.  I would be fine paying the 6.5% as long
> as Maryland viewed the sales tax as a "Reciprocal Credit for Tax Paid to
> Another State", on their NRB-240 form.
> It looks like most "reasonable" states will give a credit, all they are
> concerned about is the tax "dodge" which is not the case here.  I want
> to pay my fair share.
> Any insight would be great with anyone who had similar experience....
> Thanks so much,
> -Brad, Mary, Monica, and Jarod
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