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And you can rebuild some of the Sailtec with parts they mail you for

Have already done so once on my used-from-ebay Sailtec adjuster.
It went from leaky and loosing pressure to nearly perfect, for the last
3 years.


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I have a Sailtech that came with the boat - been working fine for 12
years since then . . .
Bill Coleman
C&C 39

	I had my Navtec backstay adjuster rebuilt two seasons ago.
$600...but I figured I am good for 10 years.  I am preparing for the
Marion-Bermuda race and in my mind I the last thing I need to worry
about is the adjuster.
	The boat goes in the water and lo and behold the damn thing is
losing pressure.  I bring it back to the same guy (Navtec dealer)
assuming some consideration and boom...$430 for new seals etc!!
	He saids these things go...blah-blah-blah.  Am I crazy for
expecting more than two seasons from a re-build?
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