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I race on a J-24 with Tacktick. It is pretty nice to not have the 
connections. The displays have two items on each and you can have as many as 
you want, wherever you want. If you get the whole deal, you have more 
information than you can possibly digest. The whole deal includes the 
compass, wind, depth and speed sensors - the wind is wireless and the 
displays are wireless and I think the compass is too, but I don't know for 
sure. You can get true wind speed and direction, apparent the same and wind 
functions without the compass. If you have a gps, you can hook it in and get 
a bunch more, like vmg. We take one of the displays off the mast and put it 
on the bulkhead for downwind, to get apparent wind where I can see it (I 
drive). It is very convenient to not have them hardwired. We have even moved 
them from side to side when tacking.... the owner got two extra mounting 

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> Well, I think it really is getting to be time to replace all of my 
> instruments. The little annoyances are starting to accumulate. I'll most 
> likely do it after the season is over, so I've got time to shop and 
> compare. I would be replacing wind, depth and speed. Since instruments 
> don't get replaced very often, I'd like to try and get this right. The 
> setups I seem to see more than most is the Raymarine ST60 stuff. One brand 
> that looks interesting, and very different in their approach is Maretron, 
> but I haven't heard much of anything about them. They aren't exactly 
> budget priced. I'm strictly a cruiser, but I sail in pretty much anything 
> other than hurricanes, so I need good, simple, tough, equipment. I do like 
> the idea of using combined data to get things such as apparent wind 
> direction and apparent wind speed. I'm not crazy about having everything 
> on one screen, either. I'd like the wind on a separate display from the 
> speed and depth. With Maretron, that gets pretty expensive.
> I'm shying away from Garmin, only because they haven't been doing this for 
> very long. I've had great luck with their GPS/Plotters. I'm not sure how I 
> feel about Tacktick.
> Any thoughts?
> Bill Bina
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