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On that same note, you might try double-back carpet tape.  

Most tape and decal adhesives can be removed with mineral spirits.  3M and Starbrite both make fairly decent adhesive removers.  For the 3M, get the liquid one, not the spray one.

Dennis C.

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wd-40 is superb for removing adhesive w/o leaving a stain---fading gelcoat 
around the decal and not under is another issue-
as to gluing he dog back on----there is an adhesive tape product called 
transfer tape- it is only the adhesive film, not he paper or film carrier 
aor backing......check with auto body shops or good hdwe stores---not a 
great solution, but one that may last a few months and be easily removed

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> On the scale of early season boat issues this is as minor as they get.
> I have a decal of a barking dog on the transom that began to peel
> slightly over the winter.  About an inch of the top left corner is
> peeled back and curling away from the fiberglass.  The rest of the decal
> is fine, but I'm guessing I'll have to replace it next season.
> But I'd like to sneak through this season if I can. Can anyone suggest a
> method of re-gluing a decal without ruining (I imagine some chemical
> reaction eating away the decal), staining the fiberglass (an indelible
> dark spot under the "repair"), or making it impossible to remove (after
> I remove the rest I have the top left corner permanently bonded to the
> gelcoat).
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