{Stus-List} Stugeron and Tack-tik

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Stay far away from tack ticks. Have had a set for three years nothing but
problems. Their wind instruments are useless never worked properly from day
one, and despite e-mails, calls to the company there was no real fix to the
blank screen problem.

Top Gun
C&C 37R
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I've ordered Stugeron from CanadaDrugs.com and they had it sent from the UK.
It was lableled Homeopathic Remedy..or something like that.  No problems
with the Feds.  I've also found it in the BVI over the counter at local
I have raced with a guy on his O'Day 39 (weather was never heavy enough for
him to get anywhere...) and he had a pair of Tack-Tiks.  The only problem
was with them just going blank...fairly regularily.  Some time later they
would just come back on...like the signal was blocked or something. VERY

Good Luck!
Spencer Johnson
1984 C&C LF 38 "Alegria" #165
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Des Plaines, IL

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