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kelly petew kellypetew at msn.com
Tue Jun 16 20:55:09 EDT 2009

Bill, Hi,
FWIW, while I'm still using Datamarine equip. for depth and speed, I installed a Tacktick windspeed/direction instrument.
Literally, NO WIRES!!  Just three screws at the top of the mast for the vane and sending unit.  Thanks to Allan Rheaume who graciously provided me with photos of 'Drumroll's' masthead, the install wasn't bad.

This is first full season of use, but I've been happy with the instrument.  It was expensive, yes, but the install was definitely not.
Last year, one of the sail mags [CW or Sail] had a decent article on the trio of instruments.  If you have the trio, there is wiring, but not up the mast.
I've emailed their tech support a couple of times and they were very responsive and helpful -  mostly, the issues were operator error.  Interesting website, too......

The display size is comparable, but the Raymarine numerals are a bit larger, thicker.  

Good Luck!!!

Pete Winters
s/v Siren Song
Lower Chesapeake

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