{Stus-List} Update - Buying a boat out of state and shipping to Maryland

Brad Kuether bkuether at comcast.net
Wed Jun 17 07:29:43 EDT 2009

Hey Everyone,

Here is an update.

First from the Maryland side, quote from the DNR:

"In order to receive the offset against the 5% Maryland excise tax, the boat must be formally titled in the state of purchase, in the name and address of the new owner, taxes paid, and tax forms recieved and presented".

So if the outside state of purchase will NOT let you walk away with the boat without paying taxes, you MUST take ownership, and have it titled in your name, pay taxes, and be able to present those tax forms to the DNR when doing the title change in Maryland.  They will credit you up to the amount paid, and if less than 5% you owe Maryland the balance.  (this is fair)

>From the Illinois side:

"The boat can be purchased from an Illinois owner or broker, without any tax implications, as long it is removed from the state within 30 days after the paperwork is signed.  ALSO, the dealer should be provided with the Maryland (or other outside state) tax forms, as proof taxes were paid.

So in the end, I am paying 5% Maryland instead of 6.5% Illinois tax.   A happy ending indeed.  
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