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If you have a GPS linked to it, the Nexus system displays, among other useful and useless pieces of data, wind related VMG, speed through water, course/speed over ground, set & drift, true wind direction, apparent wind angle, true wind angle, course to steer, bearing and distance to waypoint, cross track error, water temperature, local time, etc.  You can also set 16 NMEA sentences that it will send via its NMEA Out pins.

You can customize the displays to show 2 lines of data for each od 4 display pages.  For instance while cruising, I set the "Navigation" page to show true heading and bearing/distance to waypoint.  When racing, I set it to show true heading and VMG.

The Nexus system data "overload" actually helped me quickly diagnose an electrical problem at the start of my latest cruise.  As we left the harbor before first light, the running lights began to flicker.  I looked at the voltmeter on the engine panel and it showed steady 14 volts.  I scrolled through the Nexus system to display the system voltage on the Nexus display.  It was erratic.  Aha!  The problem was common to the instruments and to the rnning lights.  They are both on one of two breaker panels.  I opened my breaker panel box and found the ground to the suspect panel had come loose.

I'm sure several other of the higher end instrument systems display a lot of data and are customizable also.

Dennis C.
Touche' 35-1 #83
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I had a complete NX2 system on one of my previous boats. It was great. More info than I needed. Readable, reliable & very programmable. If I ever replace the B&G instruments on my current boat it will be NX2. Like Gary, I'll never have any Raymarine products on a boat I own.
Michael Cotton
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