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Dennis - <VBG>

You wrote:
> We haven't heard from Wally on this topic.  
> I've reviewed his extensive website and found
> info on the instrument system 
> he's installed on Stella Blue.  See:
> <mailto:flickr.com/photos/83739826 at N00/308140719> 

Well, that explains why "North" seems to move around all the

Actually, I have the Nexus NX2 since it came out.  It has never
failed, and I and have only found two annoyances.  

1) You can't use NX2 server as an NMEA multiplexer, as it
discards messages that it doesn't understand.  (AIS, for
example....)  This might be because I bought my NX2 server when
it just came out and I have early firmware. 
 I rewired things (about four times) and now have the AIS coming
in on a separate interface into my computer.  This works out
well, because the volume of AIS in the SF Bay area can overwhelm
the processing power of my computer.  I'm still playing around
with settings, but it's been handy to just pull the AIS plug so
the computer can focus on navigation.
(I use Fugawi software.)  Off shore, I can't imagine that this
will be a problem, as traffic will be much lighter without all
the fairies and tugboats.  And really, offshore is where you need
AIS.  On the bay it's just a toy. 

2) As I've added multicontrol displays over the years, I've
noticed that there is firmware in each multicontrol.  If the
firmware in the display doesn't sync with the server, results can
be interesting to ponder.  The multicontrol can have options that
the server doesn't know about, and it takes a bit of thinking to
figure it all out.  So, if you're going to put three
multicontrols in the boat (I have one at the nav station, one at
the helm, one above the companionway) I would recommend getting
them all at the same time.

But it hasn't failed yet, and it's been six years.  


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