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Rich Knowles rk at ns.sympatico.ca
Thu Jun 18 14:15:54 EDT 2009

If you could convince the sailing instrument manufacturers to incorporate a
music/video record/layback system and install a headphone jack, they'd
probably be able to sell a lot more and write off their investments a lot
sooner. Just a thought.


Rich Knowles


Halifax, NS




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Thought I'd chime in on Nexus gear.  I put a full system on a previous boat
and never had any problems with it.  Accurate, easy-to-read displays, with
good information options and interfaces.


My ONLY reluctance about Nexus is that they aren't in common usage and
because of that, I wonder how long the company will be in existence.  But
their instruments are very good (in my anecdotal experience).  


Garmin's sail instruments haven't been out very long, so I agree with a
former poster who was reluctant to go that direction until they've been
proven, but Garmin sure seems like a company that will be around for a long


Does anyone else agree that sail instruments seem to be absurdly overpriced
in these days of electronics becoming cheaper??



C&C 29-2, Vixen

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