{Stus-List} Canvas maker recommendations

Roger Ware ware at qed.econ.queensu.ca
Thu Jun 18 20:32:24 EDT 2009

Thanks all for the canvas ideas. I think I will give Bennett canvas a try.

Roger Ware, Kingston


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Bennett Canvas in Toronto... No question.  Here's the link


He just did my dodger, bimini, and cockpit cushions and did a great job.
His pricing was much better than Genco's (and Sportech's, for that matter),
the workmanship was great, and he actually delivered the goods when he said
he would (which is a rare quality in the marine business these days)


I know he'll travel to boats, but I'm not sure if Kingston might be too far.
It's certainly worth a call though, because imho his workmanship is way
better than Island's and his pricing/delivery is much better than Genco's
(Genco, in my view, does good work, but his timeliness is not great)


Disclaimer: no affiliations to any of them, and I've used all of these guys
throughout the years.









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I wonder if the Lake Ontario sailors on this list have a solid
recommendation for a canvas maker in the Kingston-Toronto general area. I
would even go south of the border if I thought the product was worth it.  I
need a new dodger + awning, wheel cover, furling headsail cover. Here are my
impressions of the people I already know about:


Quinte canvas Kingston:  very willing and works to a timeline, but strictly
mediocre quality. Lost interest somewhat when he cut large holes (for lazy
jacks) in the top of my $600 mainsail cover.


Genco Toronto: tons of experience, nice designs, has a bit of a mass
produced look, but might be the best choice.


Island Canvas Toronto: I have heard some good things, but owner refuses to
return phone calls, and only grudgingly answers emails. I have never seen
any of their work.


Any other ideas?

Thank you.

Roger Ware

Kingston, ON


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