{Stus-List} Nexus NX2

Howard and Evelyn Paul emphap at optonline.net
Thu Jun 18 22:07:39 EDT 2009

Some more thought about Nexus.  I installed a Nexus NX2 system on my 35 
MKIII about 5-6 years ago and have slowly upgraded it to the 1 meter 
masthead wind instrument on the carbon fiber rod as well as using the 
NX2 race computer software.  The instruments have a self calibrating 
feature that compensates for port/stbd variations as well as aligning 
offset.   With the 1 meter rod there is (purportedly) no problems with 
up wash and there is a compensation for downwind apparent wind 
computation.  The system is very sophisticated and has almost unending 
data display possibilities.  I have my target boat speed posted under 
the speed through the water on the mast as well as true wind angle and 
under that optimum gybe angle.  If you program in the marks and the 
start line, it will tell you when to tack, your next tack direction, 
etc.  With the steer pilot set on compass, it will keep you on course as 
well as indicate lifts and headers.  If set on wind and programmed for 
your hard on the wind true wind angle, it serves as a close hauled 
indicator.  Most of the Nexus instruments are meant for large cargo and 
cruise ships, with the sail boat venue being newer, but well supported 
by the companies owner, who usually shows up at the boat shows (met him 
at Annapolis) and is interested in owner feedback.  The instruments are 
cheaper than B & G (had them for 20+ years, nothing bad to say about 
them) and just as versatile.  You will need an inboard computer to use 
all of the race functions that the NX2 is capable of.  The new netbooks 
from ASUS which can be had for under 250.00 US work well.  The company 
is small and the system is somewhat complicated and tech support is, at 
times, a challenge.  Overall, not a bad choice.
Howard Paul, Skipper, Knot Again

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