{Stus-List} Canvas maker recommendations

Frederick G Street fred at postaudio.net
Fri Jun 19 10:03:38 EDT 2009

Nobody has yet mentioned Sailrite.  I measured my flaked main on the  
boom and sent them the measurements; they pre-marked the Sunbrella in  
my color choice, and shipped it in a kit along with thread, twist- 
locks, etc.  I did a bit of customizing to fit around my lazy jacks,  
and sewed the thing myself.  As I recall (it was a few years ago... ),  
the kit was around $220.  It turned out great.

Fred Street -- Minneapolis
S/V Oceanis (1979 C&C Landfall 38) -- Bayfield, WI

On Jun 18, 2009, at 9:09 PM, Dennis C. wrote:

> We used to have a company here in the Baton Rouge area that made  
> industrial slings.  They also made canvas products.  They would not  
> come to your boat.  You brought the product to them and they  
> duplicated it.  They could duplicate biminis and mainsail covers for  
> quite a bit less than a local canvas maker that comes to your boat  
> and measures.
> If you have the old one and it fits OK, perhaps a good upholstery  
> shop could duplicate it?  I one of my cushions to a local  
> upholsterer for repair.  While waiting, I noticed that they had a  
> Sunbrella sample book.
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