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Stand your ground for a new sail - and demand use of the incorrectly cut one until the new one is delivered (That way they can't fob you off with a re-cut of the incorrectly cut sail!)  Who know, they may let you keep both sails in the end!

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   I had a new 135 Dacron genny built over the winter by a national sailmaker. I cruise only – no racing. The sail consultant measured the boat and sent in the measurement for the sail to be made. I received the sail over the winter but just installed it late last weekend (boat was very late getting in the water). It was too short in the luff length by 15 inches (approx 41 foot luff measurement). After finally being able to contact the consultant and explain the problem, he discovered that the wrong number was entered into the computer during the sail manufacture. 
  So now how to proceed? I paid for a custom build sail but that is not what I got. What would it take to correct this mistake? 

  - I know I could add a pendent(s) to the present sail but this is not what I think I want to do.

  - Is a completely newly built sail with the correct measurements the only way to get what I paid for?

  - Can the present sail be “corrected” to almost “like-it-was-supposed-to-be” by adding cloth to foot, the head, or both? What would it take?

  I'm meeting with the consultant on my boat Monday afternoon to discuss my options. What option(s) should I insist on?


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