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Allan Rheaume allanrheaume at videotron.ca
Fri Jun 19 14:08:26 EDT 2009

A few years back I bought a performance cruise laminate sail from my local Neil Pryde dealer. The sail was terrific but I soon noticed that the UV wasn't wide enough to protect the sail when furled. The dealer replaced the UV with a wider one though now the shape wasn't the same. They built me a new sail without having to be prompted. Turns out a close sailing friend bought the orignal sail that I had for 1/4 of the price for his CS 30 since our measurements are very similar. We're both happy, great service from the dealer.

Allan Rheaume
Drumroll, Montreal
1988 30 Mk II
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  Unfortunately mistakes making sails are all too common. This isnt the first time they've goofed, and they'll try to minimize the cost to them to fix it.

  A friend just had Quantum build 3 jibs and a main last year, and this year had them come out to measure for a main cover and a wheel/binnacle cover. The main cover is 20" too short, and you could live inside the wheel cover it's so baggy.

  But back to your sail.
  They will probably offer several options.
  1. Recut the sail to add length.
  This will work ok, but the sail will have an odd shape. Might not be a big deal if you mainly cruise.

  2. Offer you a deal on purchasing a new sail, and you'll now have 2 good sails.
  I might take this option, especially if they make you a new full-sized sail and you can talk them into cutting Down the first one to be a #2 pr #3. Or keep it as-is.

  3. You could, and legally probably can, force them to take the first sail back and build you a new one.   They are not going to want to do this, though. In one case I know of, the owner forced the issue and the replacement sail was the correct size, but very chincy on the details. The luff foam was virtually non-existant, the material itself was lower quality, and nice things like leather chafe guards weren't there.

  So, you've got a good idea of where they will probably come from, and can plan your approach accordingly.

  Dave Ryan
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     I had a new 135 Dacron genny built over the winter by a national sailmaker. I cruise only – no racing. The sail consultant measured the boat and sent in the measurement for the sail to be made. I received the sail over the winter but just installed it late last weekend (boat was very late getting in the water). It was too short in the luff length by 15 inches (approx 41 foot luff measurement). After finally being able to contact the consultant and explain the problem, he discovered that the wrong number was entered into the computer during the sail manufacture. 
    So now how to proceed? I paid for a custom build sail but that is not what I got. What would it take to correct this mistake? 

    - I know I could add a pendent(s) to the present sail but this is not what I think I want to do.

    - Is a completely newly built sail with the correct measurements the only way to get what I paid for?

    - Can the present sail be “corrected” to almost “like-it-was-supposed-to-be” by adding cloth to foot, the head, or both? What would it take?

    I'm meeting with the consultant on my boat Monday afternoon to discuss my options. What option(s) should I insist on?


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