{Stus-List} Instrument covers

John and Maryann Read johnpread at comcast.net
Sat Jun 20 13:24:19 EDT 2009


We have the same instrument package - they work great.

You can try  http://www.standardhorizon.com/

I contacted them about 2 years ago for a minor repair and was advised they
stopped manufacturing and parts are essentially unavailable so repairs would
be difficult.

You could try marine electronic repair / dealers in your area

Another avenue might be to see if another manufacturer's cover would fit

Good luck and let us know your progress

John & Maryann Read

Legacy III
1982 C&C 34
Noank, CT

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  Looking for new or used instrument covers to fit Standard Horizon.
4.75"X4.75". Anything out there? Need 4. Thanks.
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