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Hi Rod, 


You need a new sail.  You paid big bucks for a custom sail and they did not


I think sail makers have to be the least detail orientated people around.  I
have had 3 sails made and 2 of the 3 were silly!  

Too short, too long, still too long after re-cut, weeks late, shipped
without slugs..the list goes on


Tell your sail maker you will use the short sail until he delivers a correct
one.  He can re-sell your short sail later.



C&C 32 AllieM  



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15 inches short in the luff may not be a big issue.  If you have spinnaker
halyards attached externally then that will only help the sail furl easily
without getting snagged in a halyard and without having to install a halyard
restrainer on the furling jib.  I also don't think you would gain much in
performance if any at all and you say you mostly cruise so that really isn't
an issue anyway.  Stay friendly with your sail maker and get him/her
involved based on what you think was their mistake.  I think the sail will
work well on your boat anyway.  Most C&C designs do well with a little less
sail, your 33-1 however is quite stiff and can use its entire sail plan but
I don't think changing a 135 that is 15 inches long in the luff and used
mostly for cruising is a good idea unless the sail can't be made to trim at
all.  Just learn to use the sail, and then if it doesn't work, change it,
and keep your sail maker involved al along the way, ask him to show you how
the sail he built should work, you can learn a lot from him, unless you are
already an Olympic champion.and those champions just learn faster than most
of us about what an old C&C design likes for sails and how to make her go


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS



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 I had a new 135 Dacron genny built over the winter by a national sailmaker.
I cruise only - no racing. The sail consultant measured the boat and sent in
the measurement for the sail to be made. I received the sail over the winter
but just installed it late last weekend (boat was very late getting in the
water). It was too short in the luff length by 15 inches (approx 41 foot
luff measurement). After finally being able to contact the consultant and
explain the problem, he discovered that the wrong number was entered into
the computer during the sail manufacture. 

So now how to proceed? I paid for a custom build sail but that is not what I
got. What would it take to correct this mistake? 

- I know I could add a pendent(s) to the present sail but this is not what I
think I want to do.

- Is a completely newly built sail with the correct measurements the only
way to get what I paid for?

- Can the present sail be "corrected" to almost "like-it-was-supposed-to-be"
by adding cloth to foot, the head, or both? What would it take?

I'm meeting with the consultant on my boat Monday afternoon to discuss my
options. What option(s) should I insist on?


C&C 33-1 1976

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