{Stus-List} Merriman Parts Source

Captain Jake captain_jake at cox.net
Sun Jun 21 15:16:29 EDT 2009

Hi all,

I was out racing this weekend and one of my crew managed to mangle one 
of my Merriman snatch blocks.  The side plates were bent, but it looked 
repairable.  I took it apart by removing the screws on each end of the 
axle.  One screw managed to break off with a piece of the axle attached 
(it was threaded on both ends).  It would be a simple repair to replace 
and axle, but where would one go?  I've googled a bit and found other 
pieces, but not the axle.  Anyone have a source?

BTW, we did manage to finish 3rd in the 22nd annual Cock Island Race in 
PHRF B.  Our maneuvering for the day consisted of one tack at the 
turn-around mark in the Elizabeth River.  Close hauled or close 
reaching, both ways.  The foredeck (my wife) was very disappointed we 
didn't fly the chute.  She had nothing to do but sit on the rail and 
watch all day.

C&C 35 Mk-III
Midnight Mistress
Hampton VA

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