{Stus-List} PVC inflatables - premature demise - RIP

Della Barba, Joe Joe.Della.Barba at ssa.gov
Mon Jun 22 09:14:20 EDT 2009

I had a PVC Bombard, a Zodiac subsidiary, for many years. The stern was
falling off, so I gave it to a friend. He glued the stern on, but then
the entire floor came off!

Since I was still the owner of record, I got something in the mail that
I had won a class action suit against Zodiac for defective glue. The
"prize" was something like 10% off LIST for a new Zodiac L


Ps - have a Hypalon dinghy now


Joe Della Barba


C&C 35 MK I


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Over the weekend the entire left side of the floor in my Zodiac
inflatable dinghy separated from the tube.  It separated in a matter of
a few minutes.  As I ferried the admiral and me to the beach, water
gushed in through the split and filled the dinghy a foot deep.  The
water flowed out OVER the transom as we motored.


It is essentially toast and will probably end up in the dumpster.  It
was about 7 years old.


It was a Zodiac playwood floor model 285 Cadet.  Several of my friends
own the same dinghy.  Each of them has suffered a separation of the
floor from the tube.


I had tried to repair it last year.  In spite of following the glue
manufacture's precise instructions with regard to low humidity in the
work area, extensive and careful cleaning preparation of the surfaces,
the repair failed.  A couple of my friends had theirs repaired
professionally only to suffer failure of the repair.


I will purchase a Hypalon inflatable as a replacement.  


For any listers considering purchasing a PVC dinghy - DON'T!  Read this:


I searched the Internet to see if there was a class action lawsuit on
these dinghies but found none.  Probably wouldn't be worthwhile anyway.
Even if successful, the lawyers would make a few bucks and the owners of
these POS's would end up with a manufacturer's coupon to buy another one
at a discount.  NOT!!


If I'd written this emai yesterday, it wouldn't be so tactful. 


Dennis C.

Touche' 35-1 #83

Mandeville, LA


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