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Ross MacLennan & Bev DeJong rmaclennan at accesscomm.ca
Mon Jun 22 11:04:55 EDT 2009

The PO painted my boat with Brightside's and it lasted almost 10 years before it started looking a bit shabby. ( It still passes the 100 or 50 foot rule but not the 10 ft. rule.)

I believe they sprayed the paint on rather than roller& tipping but they feel that it was relatively easy . ( They have also done their Capri 30 & it looks good.

I'd try it yourself ( preferably with a friend who can spray paint) unless you can handle the $2000 with out too much trouble.

This assumes of course that you will be doing all the prep work in either case?

Proper prep work is the secret to a great paint job. And it takes a lot of time & energy.

Ross MacLennan
C&C 24, Tobermory

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  Hi Everyone, I was given a $2000 estimate to Awlgrip my C&C 25 mkII.  I had started painting with Brightsides myself and did not like the way it was coming out.  How does this price compare to your experience?  I'm trying to decide if I should pay the $2k now or just finish with the Brightsides and have it look OK for a few years before something needs to be done again.

  1981 C&C 25 MKII


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