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Rick Brass rickbrass at earthlink.net
Mon Jun 22 11:09:04 EDT 2009

I plan to have Imzadi painted before I go cruising next year, and thought
that now might be an opportune time to have it done because of the state of
the economy and the fact that yards in eastern NC are hurting for work. 


The going rate seems to be about $100 a foot for the topsides. (Repainting
the deck is 2 to 3 times that because of all the work involved in removing
and rebidding hardware and all the sanding on odd shaped surfaces.) 


There doesn't seem to be much difference between Awl Grip and other types of
paint because most of the cost is in the prep work.


Rick Brass

Washington, NC


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Hi Everyone, I was given a $2000 estimate to Awlgrip my C&C 25 mkII.  I had
started painting with Brightsides myself and did not like the way it was
coming out.  How does this price compare to your experience?  I'm trying to
decide if I should pay the $2k now or just finish with the Brightsides and
have it look OK for a few years before something needs to be done again.

1981 C&C 25 MKII

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