{Stus-List} Engine vibration and RPM fixed

Ronald B. Frerker rbfrerker at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 22 17:28:07 EDT 2009

Yeah, same here.  95deg and 90% humidity; wind 0-2 in spots; any shirt was a sweatyshirt.
After a continental breakfast (how do they get that name when on the continent they have hugh breakfasts?), went to the boat to change out the broken impeller.  Set up the fan, moved the stairs; already exhausted.
Put the stairs back, put the fan away and buttoned up the boat.
Read a sailing mag in the clubhouse; had a great pulled pork sandwich for lunch.  Back to the mag; read the same paragraph 4X; must have dozed off.
Went home at 2PM; should have stayed 'til 4.
Wild Cheri

> day!  Fathers Day, raining when we started for the
> boat.  Arrived at the boat an hour later to grey skys,
> threatening clouds and light winds.  Wearing
> sweatshirts Son helped me get the sails on.  Wife
> brought lunch and we all went for a sail.  1st time
> since October.  Only sailboat on the Cohansey River due
> to the threatening weather.  Wind got to 10 to 15 with
> some15 to 20 periods above that, squally, shifty, so we
> had to play the traveller and release the mainsheet
> often to keep her from burying the rail.  Wife got
> tired of the excessive healing so we rolled up
> the genoa and sailed around with just the main. 
> We had a few hard jibes and a pin in my mainsheet's
> snapschackle failed so the mainsheet purchase went out of
> the boat while we were sailing downwind and I was on the
> cell phone asking a friend about the tides.  Oops,
> gotta go.  Had to steer her upwind to get the boom back
> aboard, start engine, to tie the lower block to the
> traveller car.  Added vang to flatten the main and
> sailed like a Laser for another hour.  Great
> fun.


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