{Stus-List} Awlgrip cost

Harry Hepburn HHepburn at Maine.rr.com
Mon Jun 22 21:34:54 EDT 2009

I had the same thoughts....  $2000 nseems cheap.   If it includes the prep
work you should do it...  If you have the extra cash of course...

The going rate for awlgrip in new england is much higher then $100 per foot.
If this does not include prep work (which it sounds like) I would be very
cafeful what you agree to.  As one of the other emails notes, the paint will
only look as good as the prepwork, If there are scrathes they will show

Good luck
Harry Hepburn

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That seems like a really good price.  Does it include prep?
Wild Cheri

> Hi Everyone, I was given a $2000
> estimate to Awlgrip my C&C 25 mkII.  I had started painting with 
> Brightsides myself and did not like the way it was coming out.  How 
> does this price compare to your experience?  I'm trying to decide if I 
> should pay the $2k now or just finish with the Brightsides and have it 
> look OK for a few years before something needs to be done again.


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