{Stus-List} New sail - too short in luff length

Gavin Peters gpeters at deepsky.com
Mon Jun 22 23:00:48 EDT 2009

I made two of my three jibs, and my main.

And I still say: listen to the sailmaker and see if there's an option
better to you than either of the atomic options Colin lists below.
The atomic option of a refund or a replacement are almost certainly
worse for both parties than a healthy compromise...

But obviously, if I didn't think the compromise was better than the
atomic options, I'd hit the button...

- Gavin

On Mon, Jun 22, 2009 at 06:16:41PM -0400, Colin Kilgour wrote:
> What's the big deal guys?  So the loft made a little mistake.  I mean, have
> YOU tried making a sail?  It's really freakin hard.  We should cut them some
> slack and Rod should just suck it up and be happy the measurements are
> within a couple feet.  Geez, what a whiner!
> Now, if it was my boat, there would only be two options.
> 1. NEW SAIL (and if they give me ANY grief, go to Option 2)
> Cheers,
> Colin
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>  I had a new 135 Dacron genny built over the winter by a national sailmaker.
> I cruise only - no racing. The sail consultant measured the boat and sent in
> the measurement for the sail to be made. I received the sail over the winter
> but just installed it late last weekend (boat was very late getting in the
> water). It was too short in the luff length by 15 inches (approx 41 foot
> luff measurement). After finally being able to contact the consultant and
> explain the problem, he discovered that the wrong number was entered into
> the computer during the sail manufacture. 
> So now how to proceed? I paid for a custom build sail but that is not what I
> got. What would it take to correct this mistake? 
> - I know I could add a pendent(s) to the present sail but this is not what I
> think I want to do.
> - Is a completely newly built sail with the correct measurements the only
> way to get what I paid for?
> - Can the present sail be "corrected" to almost "like-it-was-supposed-to-be"
> by adding cloth to foot, the head, or both? What would it take?
> I'm meeting with the consultant on my boat Monday afternoon to discuss my
> options. What option(s) should I insist on?
> Rod
> C&C 33-1 1976

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