{Stus-List} Anchor rode buoy/marker? - crowded anchorage

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I don't think my anchor rode is long enough for that.  I thought about a Navy surplus mine but a guy in a caftan bought the last one.

I did find this floating strobe light:  http://www.lumastrobe.com/Marine/Y-2.html

and this nice strobe to hang from the rigging:  http://www.lumastrobe.com/Marine/YLX-18-CN.html


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This is a little brighter, although maybe a little more dangerous to the idiot and to yourself. If still intending offspring, lead underwear may be called for. 


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>Couple weeks ago we were anchored in a crowded, busy anchorage.  There are PWC and catamaran rental concessions nearby so there were a lot of inexperienced boaters around.
>I had a small red float (4-5 inch long) on a line attached to my anchor rode with a springhook.  An idiot in a pontoon boat actually straddled my anchor rode marker!  I now have one of those orange round 15" Taylor Made fenders for marking my rode.  It will double as a fender when needed. 
>We are planning to anchor in that same anchorage to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July.  Having done it last year, I expect there will be more idiots and more boat drivers under the influence that evening/night.  I would like to mark my rode with some sort of floating light.  I saw some of the lights show below at a discount store for $10 US Saturday.
>Anybody seen any better options?
>Dennis C.
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