{Stus-List} Unsubsrcription Request

Richard Walter sailindigo at yahoo.com
Tue Jun 23 08:38:36 EDT 2009

I suspect Mike and Sandy are probably not reading posts anymore and my in fact be unsubscribed. I too have the C&C list e-mail diverted into its own folder for better management.  That said, the list has become better at self-filtering; that is, asking "is this of use to everyone, or one lister in particular?" If it is for one only, I simply reply to them directly.

Keep up the great info! (I may be buying strobe lights for our PFDs!)

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and Sandy
may wish to consider staying on but set up your email so any list posts are sent 
to a separate folder.  This immensely helps in reviewing the posts and my 
personal email.  While there is a fair amount of banter on the list, there 
are also many jewels of knowledge that get passed on that we have found to be 
immensely helpful over the years.  I take the good ones and move them to 
another separate folder so I can refer back to them if 
Just a 
John & Maryann Read 

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  Could you please unsubscribe us from this cnc list.  I had no idea of 
  the volume when we registered.
   Mike & Sandy Ryan 
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