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Not regularly but on occasion.  The biggest things I would point out you
probably already know.
1. The elasticized straps are better  normally when you unclip form boat
you clip the loose end back to the harness - for going inside,etc...
the ones non elasticize hang lower and can trip you.  (we have both - my
wife has the good one and I have the non elastic one)
2. Run jacklines and attach to those.  Lifelines are suspect especially
old coated lifelines.  North Sails can make you a set of jacklines and
there are many other places taht are probably cheaper.  Angus at North
set me up last year
3. the inflatable vests are also harnesses.  a pretty good idea in my
Nut Case


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Does anyone on the list use a tether and harness regularly?  I would be
interested to know the pros and cons of different models and also how
you arranged connection points in the cockpit and on deck.


Dwight Veinot

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