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Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
Tue Jun 23 09:14:54 EDT 2009

Snap shackle is important for quick release.
I use a double that has both a long and short connection.  In practice
though, I rarely use the short one and it gets in the way.
You can also get ones that have a 'child proof' clip so you don't become
disconnected accidentally.  I s'pose that's safer but I think it's a PITA.
(And if it's a PITA, you won't clip in... so you lose the added safety
There's also the elastic ones.  I guess those are cool, but it seems like a
lot of extra money for a marginal benefit.
In the cockpit, have a single clip in point at the helm and two points
forward of the wheel that you can string a jack line between.


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Just one opinion, I use a tether that has a snap shackle on my end.  If you
need to release yourself, you can.  The ones with a springhook on each end
won't let you do that.
Dennis C.
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Does anyone on the list use a tether and harness regularly?  I would be
interested to know the pros and cons of different models and also how you
arranged connection points in the cockpit and on deck.


Dwight Veinot

1974 C&C 35, Alianna

Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS


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