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Gavin Peters gpeters at deepsky.com
Tue Jun 23 10:59:27 EDT 2009

When I singlehand I do; and also at night offshore when the wife and
kids are tucked in below.

I use a mustang auto-inflating PFD with harness.  The tether is a
mustang stretching tether with dual connecitons, so I can attach at a
new location before detaching at the old.

In the cockpit just outside the companionway I have two U bolts, which
is the place to attach on your way out.  On the side decks, I run
polyester webbing on each side deck, from a shackle near the cockpit
up to the cleat at the bow; for going forward.

- Gavin
On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 09:58:36AM -0300, dwight veinot wrote:
> Does anyone on the list use a tether and harness regularly?  I would be
> interested to know the pros and cons of different models and also how you
> arranged connection points in the cockpit and on deck.
> Dwight Veinot
> 1974 C&C 35, Alianna
> Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS

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