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Safety is always paramount regardless of sailing venue.  The rules don't change.

Same as for our offshore sailing, we wear tethers and harnesses at night or when the breeze is in or over the mid-teens when we're in Lake Pontchartrain, our normal sailing grounds.

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Not wishing to sideline the original request for tether information, I would like to know of the general wisdom about use of tethers applies to those of us who sail on inland rivers and smaller lakes as well as the off shore and Great Lakes venues? Thanks. 

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When I singlehand I do; and also at night offshore when the wife and
kids are tucked in below.

I use a mustang auto-inflating PFD with harness.  The tether is a
mustang stretching tether with dual connecitons, so I can attach at a
new location before detaching at the old.

In the cockpit just outside the companionway I have two U bolts, which
is the place to attach on your way out.  On the side decks, I run
polyester webbing on each side deck, from a shackle near the cockpit
up to the cleat at the bow; for going forward.

- Gavin
On Tue, Jun 23, 2009 at 09:58:36AM -0300, dwight veinot wrote:
> Does anyone on the list use a tether and harness regularly?  I would be
> interested to know the pros and cons of different models and also how you
> arranged connection points in the cockpit and on deck.
> Dwight Veinot
> 1974 C&C 35, Alianna
> Head of St. Margaret's Bay, NS

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