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OK, the cute things don't put out enough light to meet anybody's desires let alone marine codes, but.... a lot of the cruisers in Mexico use them on their stern pulpit at night and they are really quite useful.  If you have ever tried to approach an anchorage with no background lights and no moon, and if the masthead lights are the only illumination on the anchored boats, it makes life very difficult for you as a late arriver.  You have no idea how high or far away that masthead light is.  On the other hand, if they have even a dim light at deck level, you can judge distance and maybe even see part of the deckhouse.  I would advise to have some sort of lighting down low (even if not according to local custom).  The solar lights are quite good for this. They don't bleed the battery and provide enough light for good moonless nights (you would be surprised how bright they seem in these conditions).  An alternative is an LED lantern run on its own A cells.  
  I am investing in a few LED lights (wired to the boat) for uses like this, the masthead light, and a few interior lights as an alternative, but the solars certainly help, as do battery powered LED lanterns.
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Re: solar light brightness and longevity 
I purchased two of these cute things:
Which is a huge hit with passersby.  I think in the future it'll
also be a nice way to find the boat at night.  

I noticed that the battery was a cheap Ni-Cad and didn't last
long, so I replaced it with a good NiMH battery, and it shone
twice as bright and lasted all night long.  (Oh, to be 18

I don't know if this applies to the floating light, but if the
battery can be replaced I'd put in one of those Hybrid Ni-MH
batteries right off the bat.


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You wrote:
> My experience with "solar lights" for home and garden;  or in 
> this cae a pond??????  Is that they do not give off much 
> light and seem "subdued"....however, you might just want to 
> pick one up and try it, if it doesn't work, read the return

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