{Stus-List} Cockpit Cushions

Ken Hecht kenhecht at gmail.com
Wed Jun 24 10:40:39 EDT 2009

I ordered closed cell foam cushions from:
C Cushions, Inc
206 Hwy 35 South
Rockport, TX  78382
361-729-1260 fax
<mailto:ccushions at sbcglobal.net>ccushions at sbcglobal.net

They had my 1977 26' C&C cockpit template in their records and the 
cushions came out perfectly.
Not cheap but nice.
Ken Hecht
1977 C&C 26'

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>Can anyone suggest a good source for getting a complete cockpit enclosure
>and cockpit cushions done in the Baltimore - Annapolis area?
>George Braun
>1976 C&C 38

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