{Stus-List} Anchor rode buoy/marker? - crowded anchorage

Lee Youngblood leeyoungblood at earthlink.net
Tue Jun 23 21:18:15 EDT 2009

Of course you purchased two, but the changing from port to starboard 
colored light had me so confused, I just tried to get away from the 
blinking blue light, and I got all tangled up in your anchor line. . .

What were we talking about anyway. . .

>Re: solar light brightness and longevity
>I purchased two of these cute things:
>Which is a huge hit with passersby.  I think in the future it'll
>also be a nice way to find the boat at night. 
>I noticed that the battery was a cheap Ni-Cad and didn't last
>long, so I replaced it with a good NiMH battery, and it shone
>twice as bright and lasted all night long.  (Oh, to be 18
>I don't know if this applies to the floating light, but if the
>battery can be replaced I'd put in one of those Hybrid Ni-MH
>batteries right off the bat.


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