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Read the cruising guides, it's no big deal. First time I went through, in my Shark 24, I was cautious to not get eaten by dragons, but it turned out to be no worse than going through John Pass against the middle of a medium tide. As long as your motor works, you are fine. If  it doesn't, go with the flow and make sure you have a good anchor for kelp (hint: it's not a Danforth).
Hitting the important bits at slack tide helps a lot. If you don't have the Current Atlas and a reference guide, get them. 

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  I plan to sail to Roche Harbor and the most direct route from Tsehum Harbour would bring me in from the North. I have just bought the updated Canadian Gulf Islands chart book 3313 and noticed that in the Supplemental Information opposite page 6 it says "In Spieden Channel, heavy tide rips and eddies result from flood currents flowing East from Haro Strait and West from San Juan Channel. This channel is not recommended for sailing craft." The alternative entrance is via Mosquito Pass and the SI says "Strong currents flood North and ebb South through Mosquito Pass. Local knowledge recommended."


  So what is a poor sailor to do? Is this the authorities being very conservative to avoid lawsuits? I assume that sailboats go in and out of Roche Harbor all the time. Perhaps you should not sail through Spieden Channel but have no trouble entering Roche because it is at the western end of the Channel, or in fact not really in the Channel at all?


  Appreciate any comments from those who know the area.


  By the way, something to look out for: the bookseller who sold me the chart book (and who seems knowledgeable about them) said that this chart was re-issued in January but has had to be recalled twice since then because of errors. My copy is marked January 2, 2009 so they have not indicated the updating. Even the version I got is marked as having an insignificant typo in some French wording in one place and the seller hopes that all errors have been caught.



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