{Stus-List} interior steps

Bill Connon billconnon at globetrotter.net
Thu Jun 25 08:25:36 EDT 2009

tdimattia at acesdirect.com wrote:
> When I bought my 36' C & C the steps covering the engine were missing 
> would anyone know of a source for these or could anyone send pictures 
> of one so I can have one built.
> Thanks
> Tony D.
> New Orleans,La.
> 1979 36' C & C  "Waters Edge"
> tony at acesdirect.com <mailto:tony at acesdirect.com>


My 36 is a 1978 model but they should be the same or similar. I'll take 
a couple of pictures today and get them off to you.
A few years ago we had a boat the same as mine visit our marina. He had 
a 30 HP Yanmar whereas mine is a 20 HP. Because of motor size, location, 
and vibration, his crankshaft pulley had punched a hole through the 
backing plate of his stairs.

Caprice 1
1978 C&C 36

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