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I have Quantum Fusion X sails on my 29 mk 1.  I am really happy with them.  I have a 155 and a 100 headsail and a mainsail – bought in that order.  (Don’t need a 135 on the SF Bay!)


The main has made a huge difference, it is much more controllable than my previous Dacron sail (also by Quantum) and have taken me to the front of the club fleet.  I had a slight problem with my battened 100 (a couple of patches came unglued) but Quantum fixed them for no charge.


The Quantum loft is just on the other side of the Bay from me, so easy to get to.  The sails were all made in Annapolis and all arrived ready to use.  The salesman, Jeff Thorp, did all the measuring and then personally delivered the sails and made sure they all ‘fitted’.




Ian Matthew

C&C 29-1  "Siento el Viento" 

San Francisco Bay

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Does anyone on this list have experience with Quantum Fusion X sails?  And, anyone got a contact at Quantum Toronto that I could usefully talk to?


Thanks a lot, Roger Ware, Kingston, ON

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