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Colin Kilgour ckilgour at sympatico.ca
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Feel free to drop in at PCYC when you're in Lake Ontario.  ( 43° 33.774'N,
79° 33.337'W)
A number of listers are based there, the pool is 82F, and there is good beer
and food at the new tiki bar.
Let us know when you're coming and we'll welcome you accordingly.


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Hi Peter,
Perhaps we'll run into you in the North Channel.  We'll be leaving
Youngstown after the 4th and heading to the Trent Severn.  
Keep an eye out for a 42' trawler named "Queen Ann's Revenge"  4,600 nm on
the Great Loop and the adventure continues :)

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Hi Barry,
You basically hit all the spots.  There is a new # 2005 strip chart, i.e.
detailing the passage from Killarney to Little Current or vice versa. 
There is also a new chart or rather charts that replaces the ancient North
Channel chart around Little Current and McBean Channel.   
You can now visit the Bay of Islands.  The approach buoys to Baie Finne have
changed, I think.  
You may want to do similar as last time on the way in, i.e. Blind River,
Beardrop Harbbour in the Whalesback, Little Detroit, Oak Bay or The Eagles
or the Benjamines, McBean Channel, Little Current, Baie Finne, Killarney -
the fish restaurant still exists but has gotten pricey but it is still very

On the way back I would do Little Current, Gore Bay and Meldrum Bay.  Gore
Bay is very nice to visit and everything is in walking distance. 

I don't have the charts at the cottage but am going to the boat after and
will get some of the chart numbers.  
I will be leaving for the North CHannel on July 7th but most likely only get
to Killarney, Baie Finne, Little Current and maybe the McBean Channel.
Returning around July 16th or 17th to Lion's Head.
S/V Tangerine
C&C 35 MK II 
Lion's Head, Bruce Peninsula, Ontario

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> I am headed for the North channel the middle of July and it has been 14 
> years since my first trip. Are they any new updated charts for the area? 
> Another friend on his Caliber 40 will be there for at least 2 weeks and he

> will be heading back down Lake Huron to go back out to the Atlantic again 
> via the Erie Canal while I will return to Pentwater. On my first trip 
> started from Blind River went thru the Whalesback to the Benjimins, went
> the Baei Fin, stopped in Killarney and Covered Portage Cove. Never been to

> Meldrum Bay etc. Any suggestions for must see sites in one to two weeks 
> cruise would be appreciated. Thanks.
> Barry Miller
> "MILLER TIME" C&C 34 15238
> cell 616-881-2230 
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