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Dave Ryan dryan at buckeye-express.com
Fri Jun 26 09:01:07 EDT 2009

Our local loft has also just dropped the "Quantum" affiliation also. It is 
run by Skip Dieball, a Rolex Yachtsman of the Year runner-up and national 
champion in several OD classes.  He also won the Interlake National 
Championship this yeaer.
Quantum had funded most of his racing around the country to advertise Q and 
his loft.  This shop has its own computerized cutting table, and were 
cutting panels for other lofts to assemble (among other things).
I wonder if all the independants will band together and create a new 

That reminds me.....I have 2 sails getting repaired (1 mine, 1 a competitor) 
that I need to pick up today. Last Saturday was windy!!).

Dave Ryan
C&C 33-1

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> Greg Bratkiw (pronounced bratkew) is the alpha dog at what may be . . . 
> the Quantum Toronto loft.
> Heard today that Toronto and most of the non-corporate Quantum lofts . . .
> i.e. the independently owned "affiliate" lofts have decided to split from
> the "corporate" lofts . . . i.e. those owned directly by Doug DeVos and 
> his
> minority partners.
> If you don't know, the DeVos family own AMWAY and co-founder Richard 
> DeVos'
> sons Dick and Doug have been in big boat sailing since there were boys in
> the early 70's on a bunch of family owned boats, several being custom C&Cs
> (a 43 & a 50), named  WINDQUEST .
> Anyway, it seems the independent "affiliates" have too long felt they were
> being charged too much for the "privilege" of being a Quantum loft.
> Sounds a bit like of a revisit to how Larry Leonard started Quantum in '96
> after splitting from being a Sobstad "affiliate" loft for years in 
> Annapolis
> MD. Leonard was squeezed out of Quantum in '06 after selling control to 
> Doug
> DeVos.
> Arthur Langley
> Brunswick ME    Toronto ON
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>> Does anyone on this list have experience with Quantum Fusion X sails? 
>> And,
>> anyone got a contact at Quantum Toronto that I could usefully talk to?
>> Thanks a lot, Roger Ware, Kingston, ON
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