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Peter Deppisch peter.deppisch at sympatico.ca
Fri Jun 26 09:24:14 EDT 2009

Hi Hank.
Some where back in the early '90's I bought a Nordica 20 in Penetanguishene and took it back via the Trent-Severn Waterway.  Headroom in a Nordica 20 is 4' 6"  or so.  We motored everyday for 12 hours or so at hull speed and I think it took us 10 days or so.  
The lower part is not all that interesting but a day on the water beats a day at the shopping mall anytime.  Rice Lake and then up to Peterborough gets interesting and Peterborough has lift locks:
Like two bathtubs - one goes up the other down.
At Big Chute you get put on a railway and transferred.  

You may not make the North Channel by the time I am up there.  There is a lot of nice scenery on the Trent-Severn.  Orillia is a nice little town with a very nice marina.  
I also liked Bobcaygeon.  Once you come out at Port Severn you still have at least 80 nm. to Killarney if not more and you would want to do the Inland Channel for the scenery and not cross over to the west side of Georgian Bay.

Keep me posted as to where you are and I will drive up to meet you if that is OK with you.  Have to collect that rum and coke!  

S/V Tangerine
C&C 35 MK II

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Hi Peter,
Perhaps we'll run into you in the North Channel.  We'll be leaving Youngstown after the 4th and heading to the Trent Severn.  
Keep an eye out for a 42' trawler named "Queen Ann's Revenge"  4,600 nm on the Great Loop and the adventure continues :)

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