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A quick search:
* From John A. Glynn: I'd like to put out an ABP looking for the noted
photographer, Tom Leutwiler. Back in the 70s and early 80s, he was "top of
game" and shot many well-recognized photos (the Yacht Racing Magazine
cover of Love Machine at the SORC, also used as a Helly Hansen ad, comes to 
mind). Rumor has it he gave up marine photography about 15 years ago, and 
donated some of his stuff to the Mystic Seaport library. But I'd like to
down some of his work. Maybe some readers of Scuttlebutt would know how to 
reach him. If so, email me at mailto:jglynn at beyc.com 

Bill Coleman
C&C 39
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Hello all,
While going through a box of photos of our C&C 39 from the late 70's I ran
across a set of photos taken by Tom Leutwiler during the 1980 SORC. 
Do any of you know whatever happened to Mr. Leutwiler as I would like to
contact him and purchase a couple of negatives and have them printed.
Any comments or ideas will; be greatly appreciated.
Jack Fitzgerald
C&C 39 TM
Savannah, GA

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