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Bob Skene rskene at drytel.net
Mon Jun 29 11:09:54 EDT 2009

Any sign of the bracket for my autohelm in your bin...?
Bob Skene

I did fabricate a new bracket out of HDPE and it works fine.  Apart from being white plastic instead of black plastic it looks OK.
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  Joe and Gary YES I did receive a pedestal foot form each of you!  Things have been more than a bit hectic around here and  I am remiss in not touching base with you earlier.

  Thank You Very Much they were just right, and are now installed. I will be sending you each payment for them this week. I presume there is no customs issue sending a regular envelope to Grimsby, ONT?

  The foot from Joe arrived aluminum  painted white, and Gary's was a brand new black  plastic. I sanded the aluminum one and spray painted it black, and you can't tell the difference. Bolt hole centers are identical on both of them.

  I gave the cockpit floor a good scrubbing so I"d have a clean surface for the installation.
  I dry-fit with the pedestal guard in place, checked that the guard was vertical and plumb, and marked with pencil where the feet should go.  Then I removed the guard and was looking at the feet with the drill in my hand, hemming and hawing about drilling holes into the deck.  Dock mate came by and said "Just drill it!"
  So I drilled the 2 holes for one of the feet., and then realized I didn't have the bolts out, so went to the bin where I had them.
  As II reached in I felt something in the far corner. It was the original 2 feet!!!  They were in the back of the bin, under a small overhang of sorts and impossible to see. Could only feel them.
  Oh boy. I just knew something like that was going to happen.  So, I took the original feet out to the cockpit to the holes I had drilled just minutes earler. Bolt holes on these don't line up with the newly drilled holes!
  So I stayed with, and installed Joe and Gary's parts, as they are new and shiny now and not the old weathered aluminum original feet.
  It looks great, and works great too. One of those "how did I get along without it" kind of thing.

  Thanks again Joe and Gary!

  Dave Ryan
  C&C 33-1

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                    Dave: Did you get the one pedestal foot I sent?? Is it the correct one???




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