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I think you're correct.  The compass shouldn't be needed.

Dennis C.

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So is it using the compass for boat heading or for apparent wind direction…as I understand it the only inputs required to calculate VMG (wind), are apparent wind speed, apparent wind direction and boat speed…is that what your test concluded for the Nexus system?  My raymarine st 60 system gives apparent wind direction without reference to any compass and the graphic display unit for the raymarine st 60 system calculates VMG wind from those 3 variables and does not require any other compass input
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As a follow up to a thread on the Nexus sytem and how it handles VMG, I did a quick test yesterday.  At a couple points of sail, while monitoring VMG, I turned off my GPS.  VMG did not change.  Thus VMG as calculated by the Nexus system is based on inputs from the Nexus speed tranducer, compass and masthead unit only.  It is wind-relative VMG.
I also played with WCV or waypoint closure velocity.  By switching waypoints on the GPS, the WCV changed.  Thus, WCV is GPS based.
This confirmed my original thinking for each of these.
Dennis C.
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